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Whole hearted damage restoration.

Each incident is unique, but what they all share in common is the professionalism and passion which we have from day one. For our customers - whether private or commercial - this means professional help from the first assessment until everything is back to how it was before. In doing so, we not only see the damage, but also the people behind it.

The damage we repair is as individual as the people that are affected. Whether its addressing water damage in private homes, major commercial losses, or complex damage to ships, wind turbines or power plants, we offer all the essential restoration measures and innovative services to help our customers get back to their regular lives as soon as possible.

When everything is back to normal.

Whether private or industrial damage - for our customers, we are the one-stop shop in the restoration sector. We don't just restore buildings and machinery - we even produce our own restoration chemicals. If you want to learn more about our range of services, watch the film now.

Sustainable business to the core.

Responsibility for the environment is in BELFOR's DNA. After all, every restoration is demonstrably more resource-efficient than buying new. In addition, we do everything we can to reduce the negative impact on the environment, both on site and within our company. This also applies to the development of new products. Specifically, we strive to contribute towards the attainment of UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4, 10, 12 and 13.



BELFOR UK – the leading disaster recovery firm – is now a member of the Good Business Charter, which recognises UK companies that are leading the way in responsible business practices. The Good Business Charter is an independent organisation, working with companies to benchmark ‘good business’. To receive accreditation, BELFOR UK had to meet 10 components, covering care for employees, suppliers, customers, and the environment. 


Colleagues in our Major and Complex Loss Team at BELFOR love responsibility, variety and occasionally adventure. They work on large commercial projects when damage has been caused by fires, water and major environmental disasters. Woking across all business sectors to provide recovery solution for buildings, machinery, equipment and documents, no two projects are the same. Often challenging and technical, always rewarding.

our jobs

Arbeiter in rotem Overall und mit Helm an einem Schaltkasten. Er kneift mit der Zange ein Kabel.
Projektleiter und Handwerker unterhalten sich auf Baustelle


Colleagues working in our Restoration and Reinstatement Teams thrive on getting homeowners and business back to normal following water damages and fires.  From Technical restoration & drying, through to expert reinstatement services, this arm of the business delivers a seamless property damage solution, underpinned by industry best practice, systems and processes. Customer focussed, innovative and always professional.

our jobs

Employees at BELFOR are not just a resource but our valued assets.
Rachel Anderson, Human Resource Manager BELFOR UK
We make a real difference to our clients’ lives.
Hein Hemke, Managing Director BELFOR UK
At BELFOR we are continually trying to improve our safety standards and work to be more environmentally and sustainably conscious.
Steven Emery, SHEQ Director BELFOR UK